If you are self employed and are required to complete a Self Assessment, U-Tax can do it for you for a price as low as £75 + VAT.

We submit your returns online before the deadline, and correspond with HMRC on your behalf, saving you the hassle.

All we need you to do is call us on 01564 732178 or add your details and we’ll be sure to ring you back as soon as possible.

It’s that simple!

As one of the UK’s leading tax agents registered with HMRC, U-Tax provides a reliable and trustworthy service, so get in touch today.

As part of our Self Assessment Tax Return service, we will:

  • Complete your return
  • Calculate your tax position
  • Submit your return to HMRC
  • Liaise with HMRC on your behalf
  • Be available for any questions or assistance required

U-Tax can take the weight of your Self Assessment off your shoulders, with a 24 hour turnaround! We know that completing your return can be time-consuming and difficult, and failing to meet the deadline can result in an automatic fine from HMRC. Our team would like to help, ensuring that your return has been submitted to HMRC by January 31st, leaving you free of a £100 penalty. Here at U-Tax, we make tax less taxing.

So who needs to complete a Self Assessment?

It is imperative to submit a return if:

  • You work for yourself
  • You are a company director
  • You are a minister of religion
  • You receive untaxed income that cannot be collected through a PAYE tax code
  • You are a trustee
  • You have taxable foreign income
  • You need to claim annual business expenses of over £2,500

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